Camden Valley Inn offers the perfect weekend escape

Camden Valley Inn accommodation.
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Sometimes a rural getaway is exactly what you need after long week at work, and the Camden Valley Inn (CVI) delivers exactly that.

Tucked just an hour’s drive from Penrith sits this manicured country getaway.

I must admit I got to leave work early on a Friday afternoon but that wasn’t the only thing that put me in a good mood, I was immediately blown away by the aesthetic charm that greeted me.

From the moment I saw the modernised Inn aesthetic I knew I was going to enjoy my stay.

After a breezy check in, I walked the garden paths to my room.
What struck me the most was that it didn’t look like usual Inn accommodation, all rooms were tucked into cottage-like buildings.

My room was on the top floor of one of the cottages and faced westerly – the view from the private balcony was so beautiful that it has to be seen to be believed.

The rolling grounds of the Camden Valley Inn made me feel much further away from the city than I was.

Accommodation overlooking the grounds of the Camden Valley Inn.

When my friend arrived, her smile was a tell-tale sign.

She just couldn’t believe the view we had from our room – so much so that we sat on the balcony watching the sun slowly set while sipping on the Camden Valley Inn’s signature cocktail, ‘Love Bug’ which was a delicious mix of lychee and vodka.

This was the perfect welcome gift for us as we sat and caught up with each other. Our spacious and inviting room had two queen beds, a balcony, and a luxurious bathroom for us to enjoy.

House-made potato gnocchi with stuffed roasted pumpkin, ricotta and parmesan served in a creamy and velvety vodka sauce.

That evening, we made our way down to the restaurant for our dinner booking.

The dining area of the Camden Valley Inn was straight out of a dream – the fairy lights and live music made the atmosphere perfect.

I won’t claim to be a foodie but the food at Camden Valley Inn was seriously good.

For an entrée we tried the pumpkin arancini, served with parmesan and aioli – this was a light and delicious start to our meal.

For mains we tried the potato gnocchi and the CVI linguine.

The gnocchi was the perfect mix of creamy and cheesy. It was the perfect dish to warm me up on a chilly evening.

To satisfy our sweet tooth we ordered the cheesecake bites for dessert. These warm bites were served with cinnamon sugar, lemon curd and fresh berries and were the perfect end to our dinner.

Luxury bathroom facilities.

While the food prices tend to sit on the higher side, the flavour and decadence make it worth it.

The food was delicious, but the best part of the menu was the cocktail selection.

At first glance the list of cocktails can be overwhelming, but my eye was drawn immediately to the salted caramel martini.

This drink was served with a piece of salted caramel across the top and was the perfect blend of cream and caramel.

This is a must get at the Camden Valley Inn.

The live music kept us at our table long after our meals were done as we enjoyed the atmosphere.

The chilly night was no issue with the numerous heaters around the venue but the go to spot is one of the fire places if you are lucky enough to get a seat.

After a relaxing sleep we arose nice and early for a quick breakfast – no matter what the meal is CVI has you covered.

Check out was easy and in fact I was sad to go – I can definitely see myself returning for a little getaway.

Outdoor dining facilities including live music.

My friend and I packed into the car and we were off to The Bathhouse in Douglas Park.

Nestled just 15 minutes from CVI, this spa is the perfect spot for some relaxation.

We were treated to a 30 minutes LED light therapy treatment which was customisable to our specific skin needs – I chose the option for sensitive skin. The treatment was calming and left my skin feeling rejuvenated.

After this we had a two hour soak session where we had access to a sauna, steam room, magnesium plunge pool, three hydrotherapy spas and a multitude of spaces to relax including poolside cabanas.

One of the most decadent aspects of the spa was the QR code system were you could order food and beverages poolside.

As I lounged on a cabana by the plunge pool I was delivered a glass of prosecco – all without having to get up!

I definitely recommend the Camden Valley Inn and The Bathhouse and can guarantee I’ll be back there again.

The writer travelled as a guest of Camden Valley Inn.

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