Woman charged after setting neighbour’s fence on fire

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A woman has been charged after allegedly lighting a neighbour’s fence on fire last weekend.

At about 5.30pm on Saturday, April 6 Police were called to an address on Kennelly Street, Colyton.

The occupant of a premises was seated in their backyard with their child when the next-door neighbour, a 20-year-old female, yelled at them to be quiet. The occupant, a female, answered back.

A short time later the 20-year-old again screamed across the fence for the occupant to be quiet.

It is alleged the neighbour attended the premises and the women engaged in a verbal altercation. It is also alleged the 20-year-old was struck.

It is alleged the 20-year-old woman has returned home where she has taken a four litre bottle of methylated spirits and splashed the contents over the fence and on the ground near her side of the fence.

It is alleged she then set it on fire. It is alleged the woman has spilt methylated spirits on her hands and when ignited, it had lit her hair and hand on fire.

The flames and smoke could be seen from the street and Police were contacted.

The woman was arrested and charged. She will appear in Penrith Local Court on Thursday, April 18.

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