May deletes Instagram as controversy erupts over video

Taylan May in action for Penrith. Photo: NRL Photos.
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Penrith star Taylan May has deleted his Instagram account as controversy over a rogue social media post continues.

Last week, May posted a video on his Instagram account showing himself in the passenger seat of a vehicle that reaches speeds of up to 96 kilometres an hour in a suburban street.

May was not driving and is therefore unlikely to be the subject of any action from the NRL Integrity Unit.

But the posting of the video has concerned some at the Panthers, and drawn the ire of road safety organisations like Pedestrian Council of Australia.

There has been speculation in the last 24 hours that May, who recently signed a contract extension with the club, will not be named on Tuesday for this Saturday’s clash with the Wests Tigers in Bathurst.

Penrith coach Ivan Cleary is due to front the media at 1pm tomorrow.

It is not the first time May’s social media accounts have raised eyebrows, though nothing this serious has emerged before.

He regularly live streams on Instagram, and recently launched a YouTube channel. The first video on the channel goes for 17 minutes and features footage of May getting a hair cut, catching up with Penrith players at a cafe, eating out at a restaurant and training in a park.

As the controversy continues, May has now removed himself from Instagram completely, taking down his account.


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