Graves attacked by crows at Penrith General Cemetery

A warning sign at the cemetery. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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Visitors to Penrith General Cemetery at Kingswood have been given a warning that a number of pesky crows have been attacking graves.

Penrith General Cemetery has put up signs alerting visitors that their loved ones’ graves might be disturbed and to make sure anything placed on to the graves is tightly secured.

The birds are being accused of removing items from grave sites including flowers and pebbles.

Crows notoriously are known as scavengers who hunt for shiny objects, food and water.

“Penrith General Cemetery is experiencing a large number of crows within the cemetery grounds,” a sign on the cemetery grounds reads.

“The crows have been observed removing flowers, pebbles and other item[s] from grave sites in search of food and water.

“To deter the removal of items by the crows from grave sites, could visitors please ensure any item placed on the grave site is placed as securely as possible.”

A spokesperson for Penrith City Council, which is the operator of the cemetery, confirmed the crows have been scavenging grave sites for a period of weeks.

“Over the past few weeks crows at Penrith Cemetery have been causing problems by pulling flowers out of vases, picking at unsecured items from grave sites, and generally scavenging grave sites,” the Council spokesperson said.

“We have been advising visitors to firmly secure items so that the crows cannot take the items.”

It is unclear what is being done to remove the threat of crows from the cemetery but in the meantime visitors are encouraged to ensure they securely place items at the graves of their loved ones.

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