Failing to deliver: Bus services need overhaul, says Councillor

Councillor Sue Day wants more transport infrastructure for Penrith. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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In the wake of two Council submissions to Parliamentary Inquiries regarding transport infrastructure, Penrith City Councillor Sue Day is asking the State Government to do more for bus stop infrastructure.

Day is drawing attention to a bus stop on Maxwell Street, South Penrith, as an example of the issues associated with local bus services.

The stop sits on the side of a hill with no access for those with impairments.

“The here and now still lacks infrastructure,” Day said.

“People today can’t access that bus stop especially in situations like this.”

Day’s comments come on the back of the Bus Industry Task Force Report which identifies buses as an essential service in the State’s public transport network, but sees the NSW bus system as presently predicted to fail to deliver on the needs of the growing population.

“The NSW bus system as presently configured is at risk of failing to deliver on the needs of a growing and expanding population in a financially and energy challenged environment,” the Bus Industry Taskforce Report said.

“The current system is struggling to keep pace with population changes.”
Day is asking the State Government to do more to improve the state of bus stops across the state.

“The State Government needs to look at a more holistic approach to public transport and infrastructure,” Day said.

“Because just saying to us, ‘this is what we want you to do’, without any funding models, it’s difficult.

“Because then there is a pressure in services because we have to provide [the] services and if that is part of it, what service is going to miss out?”.

Day believes the burden shouldn’t be on the shoulders of local Councils to deliver better transport infrastructure.

“I believe the burden of addressing the bus shelter gaps should not fall on Council budgets to the detriment of other services, and can be provided by the State Government as an investment in the health, safety and sustainability of western Sydney,” Day said.

Day is suggesting that improved funding models need to be delivered for improvements to be made.

“They [State Government] need a better funding model for bus stop infrastructure, public transport infrastructure, cycle ways, cycle lockers and all the stuff people need to get them out of their cars,” Day said.

“Because ultimately, that is what we want, because we want more development, but we don’t want more cars on the road and that underpins everything.”

Day said the good work Council is doing needs to be supplemented by the State Government with real funding.

“We need urgent funding for people to be able to access good public transport, in line with all the good work Council [is doing],” Day said.

Emily Chate

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