Penrith Hoyts expansion gets green light

An artist's impression of what the new Hoyts could look like.
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Long slated plans to improve the Penrith cinema experience are finally progressing with Scentre Group and Hoyts given full approval to push ahead with a major refurbishment.

Plans for upgrades to Penrith Hoyts were given deferred commencement by Penrith City Council late last year, with concerns over a number of issues including the fate of 11 trees near the development.

The 11 trees in question sit along Riley Street, and one will be removed with the other 10 protected.

“The proposed works will require the removal of the single tree detailed,” the Arboricultural Assessment and Management Plan attached to the DA said.

“This tree has grown less than 8m in height and has not been considered as being sufficient value to be considered as a material constraint for the proposed.”

The Major Assessment Report determined that the other trees along Riley Street needed to be protected.

Scentre Group, which owns Westfield, and Hoyts have now met requirements requested as part of the deferred commencement and were last week given the green light to push ahead with the project.

What the new Hoyts could look like.The DA will see Hoyts Penrith introduce LUX cinemas and a series of new restaurants along Riley Street.

“The proposal is to provide five new retail tenancies and two new Lux Cinema Auditoriums and Lux Lounge,” the State of Environmental Effects (SEE) attached to the DA said.

The SEE reveals that the plans are intended to improve the area as an entertainment precinct.

“This [the DA] will contribute to the further enhancement of the arena as a leading entertainment an leisure precinct,” the SEE said.

Hoyts Director of Property and Business Development Tyrone Dodds shared how exciting it is to be enhancing the current Hoyts.

“We have been working closely with Westfield for some time,” he said.

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