Coca-Cola releases new flavour hitting supermarket shelves today

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Coca-Cola has introduced the newest addition to the Coca-Cola Creations line-up to Australia, Coca-Cola K-Wave.

Offering a refreshing limited-edition Coca-Cola drink infused with a burst of fruity-flavoured K-Pop magic, Coca-Cola K-Wave celebrates fans and their infinite devotion for K-Pop artists.

The launch of the new Creation will give fans access to a suite of music-focused digital and IRL experiences featuring some of the genre’s biggest stars.

Frozen Coca-Cola K-Wave will also be available exclusively at McDonalds restaurants across Australia.

By scanning the QR code on the can, Aussie fans have the chance to embark on the “Like Magic” Fan Music Video AI Experience, an AI-powered experience that allows fans to participate directly in the vibrant world of a K-Pop music video, sharing the screen with their idols.

The new Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar flavour is available in 250ml cans from 22nd April in grocery and convenience stores across Australia.

Additionally, Frozen Coca-Cola® K-Wave will be exclusively available in McDonalds restaurants.

“We’re thrilled to bring Coca-Cola K-Wave to Australia, a flavour that not only tastes great but offers fans a fun way to connect with their favourite K-Pop artists and be part of the music they love,” said Kate Miller, Senior Marketing Director at Coca-Cola South Pacific.

“Coca-Cola is dedicated to bringing exciting new flavours and experiences to fans, and we can’t wait for people to try it and experience the magic of K-Wave.”

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