Good Fry-day: Takeaway shops prepare for busiest day of the year

It'll be a busy day for Fish Fish on Friday.
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The day fish and chip shops all look forward to is just around the corner with the Easter long weekend fast approaching.

Penrith local business Fish Fish is set to have its biggest day of the year on Good Friday.

The Easter long weekend is just days away and Fish Fish owner Phil Hallani said that preparations have already begun.

“You are prepping all week,” he said.

“It’s mainly the last 24-48 hours that you can prep to maintain freshness.

“We’ve got to maintain the standard and quality that Fish Fish has.”

Good Friday is a Catholic religious holiday where it is customary for people to substitute meat for fish or to fast, only eating three small meals.

This year the public holiday will fall on Friday, March 29 with the long weekend ending on Monday, April 1.

Hallani shared that Good Friday is one of the busiest days of the year.

“It’s by far the busiest day of the year for fish and chip shops,” Hallani said.

It’ll be a busy day for Fish Fish on Friday.

“For two years in a row it has by far been the busiest day of the year.

“It is definitely a crazy, controlled choas day, which is pretty cool.”

Fish Fish will be operating under a reduced menu with a main focus on their fresh seafood.

“Predominantly at Fish Fish on Good Friday we have a bit of a reduced menu,” Hallani siad.

“We focus solely on grilled and battered fish, salads, all the main seafood we sell, [and] we still sell our potato scallops.

“It is mainly focusing on a really good and high quality seafood for the day.”

Fish Fish offers a range of high quality seafood options, including their famous fish burgers.

“Our burgers as well, are just a massive hit on Good Friday,” Hallani said.

“Our fish burgers are always popular, but on Good Friday they are very popular.”

Most fish and chip shops will be open on Good Friday, with many taking pre-orders to prepare for the expected rush.

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