Trio charged following brawl at Glenmore Park

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Three men have been charged with ‘affray’ following an incident last weekend.

About 7.45pm on Saturday, February 3, a 33-year-old Padstow man was at a licenced premises in Glenmore Park.

He was sitting by himself, consuming alcoholic beverages. It is alleged he has made a comment or insult towards a 21-year-old Glenmore Park man.

The 21-year-old and a 48-year-old Glenmore Park man have approached the 33-year-old. It is alleged the 48-year-old has grabbed the 33-year-old by the shirt and pulled him to the ground.

Police claim the 21-year-old and 48-year-old have punched the 33-year-old a number of times, before being separated by security. It is alleged that the 33-year-old has moved around the security guard and punched the 21-year-old again.

Again, the trio were punching each other and the 33-year-old and 21-year-old have moved towards the exit.

Police were contacted and attended. On attending, they saw the 21-year-old and a security officer wrestling on the ground.

Police have handcuffed the 21-year-old. All parties were spoken to and eventually calmed down and the cuffs were removed from the 21-year-old.

At this time, the 33-year-old man had left. CCTV was viewed and confirmed all the persons actions.

Police used a dog to search for the 33-year-old and located him a short distance from the licenced premises.

All men were charged with ‘affray’ and will front Penrith Local Court in March.

An earlier version of this story said this incident happened in Leonay. The incident happened in Glenmore Park.

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