Taking pilates to another level: New St Marys studio opens

Chloe Carpenter and Julie Fing. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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Pilates has officially made its way to St Marys, with a brand new studio using impressive technology to take your daily class to the next level.

Co-owner of F45 St Marys Julie Fing and trainer Chloe Carpenter said they tried pilates at a few different studios before falling in love with it completely, yearning for a studio closer to home in the west.

The duo admitted the pieces of the new fitness venture came together very quickly in recent weeks.

“We started looking for somewhere, and we found somewhere straight away. Within three weeks of us talking about the idea, we’d already signed the lease!” Fing said.

After a brainstorming session where they came up with the name Hustled straight away, they got to work on the Queen Street space in an effort to make it their own, fitting the clean, elegant vibe they’d been dreaming of.

“We got down and dirty, and did things that I never thought I would do,” Fing said.

“It was hard work, but now it feels really rewarding, because we know we did it.”

Chloe Carpenter and Julie Fing. Photo: Melinda Jane.

Despite only officially opening last Monday, classes have already started filling up.

“We’re just completely overwhelmed with the number of people who have signed up. We’ve got over 100 members already!” Carpenter said.

Hustled is currently offering seven low impact and high intensity classes each day starting from 5am, including mat pilates, reformer pilates, and mums and bubs classes.

“It trains your core and flexibility, and it’s for all ages,” Carpenter said.
But, it’s not just open for classes – weekly members can go in and train at any time using their app.

If you want a guided class without an instructor, you can also tune into video-led classes on kiosks in the studio.

“Say it’s lunch time, and you live up the road, you can just tap yourself in, put your headphones on, pick a class, do the class, and then walk out of there,” Fing said.

The new Hustled Pilates in St Marys. Photo: Melinda Jane.

Soon, the studio will also be launching a recovery room, complete with an ice bath and infrared sauna.

“There’s nothing around here that offers that, and you don’t even have to do the reformer pilates – any member from any gym can come and book in to use it,” Fing said.

With so much at the new studio to be excited about, Fing and Carpenter said they can’t wait for the local community to embrace it, aiming for everyone to feel comfortable and at home at Hustled.

“We just want everyone to feel welcome. We want to make people come in and feel like they belong there,” she said.

“A lot of people haven’t done reformer pilates before, and they feel really awkward to come into a new place, and we don’t want anyone to feel like that.”

Hustled Pilates is located at 124 Queen Street, St Marys.

Search Hustled Pilates on Instagram for more information.

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