Penrith to swelter this weekend with temps set to hit 42 degrees

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Penrith is set to experience its hottest day of the year on Saturday with the temperature set to hit 42 degrees.

If the prediction holds it will be the hottest day since March 6 this year when it hit 40.1 degrees.

The warm weather will kick off tomorrow (Tuesday) with a top of 35 degrees expected in Penrith.

It’ll hit 38 on Friday before locals swelter through a 42-degree day on Saturday.

Penrith’s second grade cricket team is set to battle Gordon in a One Day clash at Howell Oval on Saturday. Officials will be monitoring the weather but the match would have to be in some doubt.

A Total Fire Ban is expected to be declared later in the week and will likely take in both Friday and Saturday.

In some good news, a cool change will hit late on Saturday and Sunday will be much cooler, with temperatures expected to reach 27 degrees.

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