Boxing Day tragedy as man dies at Penrith Beach

The scene at Penrith Beach earlier today.
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Police divers have recovered the body of a man who went missing while swimming at Penrith Beach this afternoon.

In a Boxing Day tragedy, the man was seen to go underwater while paddle boarding and did not re-surface.

Emergency services were called just after 2.30pm this afternoon. By the time they arrived, members of the public were desperately searching for the man in his 30s.

It is believed the St Marys man had been swimming with other members of his family, who are accounted for.

An array of emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, assisted by helicopters.

It would take several hours for divers to finally find his body.

“He is yet to be formally identified; however, is believed to be that of the missing swimmer,” a police spokesperson said.

The beach was closed for the afternoon and it is yet to be confirmed if it will re-open to the public tomorrow.

Bill Parker was at the beach when the emergency unfolded and commended the quick response from lifeguards.

“I would like consideration given for a public shout out to the two professional lifeguards, and about 10 -15 members of the general public who once realising the emergency that had occurred, tried for 15-20 minutes, continuously diving under the water desperately trying to find this missing person, using paddleboard and boogie boards until emergency services arrived,” he said.

“Random people coming together to desperately try and save another.
Absolute heroes in my book.”

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