Meet Penrith’s youngest entrepreneur, five-year-old Amaya Robinson

Amaya Robinson. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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A brand new business has just been launched by Penrith’s youngest entrepreneur, offering jewellery and accessories for juniors, by a junior, just in time for Christmas.

Five-year-old Amaya Robinson initially started her business in June this year after being inspired by her aunty and best friend who had just done the same.

According to Amaya, her goal with the business was to put smiles on the faces of her customers – with some extra pocket money for toys and makeup an added bonus.

“I just wanted to get more jewellery to people, and I want to make them happy,” she said.

Amaya’s business, Jnr Jeweller, sells gift boxes with rings, lip glosses, stickers and other accessories to fit a specific theme.

Though she admitted she has some help from her mum, Ashley Robinson, Amaya assures she has the final say.

“I choose what goes into the boxes,” she said.

From her first launch, Amaya sells the Rosy Posy, Share the Love and Pretty Princess boxes. Despite having more variations on the way for special occasions, she said there’s a clear frontrunner for her.

“My favourite box is Share the Love,” she said.

Amaya said that the Share the Love box is inspired by her favourite YouTuber, Stephen Sharer, who has a song and tour by the same name.

Currently, Jnr Jeweller is being sold in two locations.

“I have stalls in my room, and in Insignia,” she said.

Her Insignia location is a pop-up, which Amaya plans on having many more of in the near future, particularly in the lead-up to Christmas time.

Another key part of the business is promoting positive messages to kids, with $2 from each purchase going towards a charity of Amaya’s choice each month.

For the month of November, Amaya chose mental health, with December’s an anti-bullying charity, and January’s funds going to a dog rescue – all causes that are close to her heart.

Amaya’s mum Ashley said she couldn’t be prouder of what her daughter has achieved with Jnr Jeweller so far. Though she admits running a business isn’t entirely in her wheelhouse, she’s been doing everything she can to encourage Amaya’s efforts.

“When she said she wanted to start a business, I decided that I would try to teach her everything I know,” she said.

The Jnr Jeweller website is under construction, however you can visit their Instagram page @jnrjeweller for more information, and to view the full range.

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