Council urges pool safety this summer

Penrith Council is urging pool safety this summer.
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Penrith City Council is reminding residents to make sure their pools, especially inflatable pools, are properly fenced off.

Penrith Mayor Todd Carney says that many residents this summer will look to beat the heat and spend time cooling off by the pool. As fun as the pool is, it can also be a dangerous place, especially if there is no barrier to stop children from going for an unsupervised swim.

“Anyone with a swimming pool must do the right thing and protect our young ones. Active supervision by an adult is the best protection against drowning but, a pool barrier is another layer of protection if supervision is interrupted,” Carney said.

Portable and inflatable pools are a cheap way to keep cool but can also be a source of tragedy as they have the same drowning risk as permanent pools.

It is important that home pools, including portable and inflatable pools that hold 30cm of water or more, are properly fenced with a self-closing and self-latching gate.

“Take the time to check your pool is safe and complies with the law. If residents need help with their swimming pool barrier, we encourage people to contact Council and one of our qualified Compliance Officers will plan a visit to assess the pool and assist with certification,” he said.

Council can issue on the spot fines for $550 if it is found that the gate of a pool has been propped open or there is an unfenced portable or inflatable pool.

To help prevent child drowning:

· Have a compliant child resistant pool barrier that is used correctly and maintained regularly.

· Ensure a responsible adult is always supervising children.

· Teach children water familiarisation and swimming skills.

· Learn CPR. Remember that any attempt is better than none at all.

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