21 Mochas delivers coffee with a twist

Schooner Chowdhary from 21 Mochas. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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A brand-new venue has just opened its doors in Emu Plains, and it’s offering an Australian-first experience that’s set to turn heads.

After owning and operating a coffee van for years, Schooner Chowdhary decided to open up 21 Mochas in 2022, with the goal of creating something that’s more of a coffee mixologist than a café.

“I’ve been wanting to open this up for 18 months, because what I do with coffee is unique – I create different things,” he said.

Armed with syrups, and lots more on the way, Chowdhary said he can make hundreds of drinks, combining them to create mochas, hot chocolates, and frappes inspired by anything from Black Forest Cake to Rocky Road and Biscoff lattes.

“When you’re passionate about it, you can just create different things – it’s easy,” he said.

“I don’t know what I can’t make, I haven’t come across anything yet!”

Though his most popular flavours are Toblerone and Ferrero, Chowdhary admits the variety can sometimes make decision-making a little bit tricky for customers. But, that’s where he comes in.

“People come in and have a look at that menu, and think, ‘Oh my God’, because it’s designed to confuse people. I’ll then chime in, because they can’t make their minds up,” he said.

Schooner Chowdhary from 21 Mochas. Photo: Melinda Jane.

“I might say, ‘Do you like caramel, vanilla or hazelnut?’, and if you say hazelnut, I’ll recommend the Ferrero, if you say caramel, I’ll recommend the Toblerone, or if they say they like butterscotch, I’ll say we can do a dash of this, that and the other in it, or I might ask ‘Do you like red velvet cupcakes?’ and we might make that.”

It’s this personable approach that sets 21 Mochas apart, with the team aiming to make any visit more than just your daily coffee run.

“Every day, I give away free coffees just to taste,” he said.

“I think cafes are too clinical – you walk in there and say ‘I’ll have a flat white’ and they go ‘no problems’, there’s no more talk, they just make your coffee. There is no connection.

“This is not just about coming in and having your regular coffee, it’s about having an experience.”

Having been open for a few weeks now, Chowdhary said the locals have welcomed him with open arms.

“The community has been so awesome, it’s amazing,” he said.

“It’s building up so much, and we’re really excited.”
Now, the challenge is about trying as many as you can.

“I’ve got customers who want to work through the totality of them all!” he said.

21 Mochas also has an extensive food menu, including sweet treats, gourmet made jaffles including but not limited to slow cooked pulled brisket, designed to be eaten with Kettle chips.

21 Mochas is open now at 1/12 Lee St, Emu Plains.

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