At The Movies: Saw X

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Verdict: 3/5

If you fell in love with ‘Saw’ and its first sequel all those years ago, you’ve likely come in and out of the franchise since – and it’s been quite the roller-coaster.

The 10th movie in the ‘Saw’ world is set between the first and second movies, resulting in one of the franchise’s better films, and perfect for audiences who consider those two as the pinnacle movies.

Admittedly, you may find this a little hard to follow if you haven’t been a core ‘Saw’ watcher.

But really, this is all about the formative period of the relationship between John Kramer (Tobin Bell) and Amanda (Shawnee Smith).

Amanda went from one of Kramer’s victims in the first movie to his protégé in the second, so ‘Saw X’ gives us some insight into how that relationship was formed.

The set-up here is a little long, and we’re probably too far into the movie by the time we see our first classic ‘Saw’ trap, but it’s certainly worth it when we do.

An intestine being used as a rope? Yep, ‘Saw X’ goes there – proving that there’s still shock value in this franchise yet.

‘Saw X’ doesn’t quite have the intensity and heart-stopping moments as the first two films, but it’s probably the next best in the long list.

Not a good one if you’ve got a weak stomach, but a decent instalment if ‘Saw’ is your thing.

See this movie at Hoyts Penrith.

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