The hottest toys set to be on every kid’s wish list

The Ultimate Sandisfying Set.
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Leading global children’s entertainment company, Spin Master, has released their newest and hottest toy list for 2023.

Whether it’s the latest in wheels and action, fun interactives or board games and puzzles, the focus for the top toys this year is on toys that promote family interaction, encourage creativity and development, support kids being active, and most importantly, provide entertainment so kids can engage and have fun.

“This year we’re seeing toys with movie and TV franchise tie-ins being popular, with Gabby’s Dollhouse, PAW Patrol and Wizarding World leading the way. There’s also an increased demand for classic toys which have been updated for a fresh take, such as Rubik’s Race which is the new fast-paced sequence board game adapted from the iconic 80s Rubik’s cube,” said Geoff Oliver, Marketing Director for Spin Master, Australia and New Zealand.

“The other trend we’re seeing is nostalgia, as parents today seek to relive their own childhood through the products they buy for their children, and this is where board games are going to be best sellers.”

Dolls and Interactives

Kids can unleash their magician skills with the newest Wizarding World Hogwarts Divination Tea Set. Ideal for role-play, the set features a teapot, three teacups, three saucers and a crystal ball. Young witches, wizards, and Muggles can experience the magic of Harry Potter with this fun toy. What will your future hold? Pour water into a teacup and have a friend tell your fortune with the tea leaves, just like Hogwarts students do in the movies. The Wizarding World Hogwarts Divination Tea Set is available at Big W for RRP $39.99.

Children can play inside their own dollhouse world with Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse. Standing over 70cm tall, this fantastical kids’ dollhouse is packed with exciting features to discover, including a Dollhouse Delivery tower, a working Cat-A-Vator as well as songs and sounds. With so many rooms and surprises to explore, children can use their imagination to play out endless adventures with Gabby and her best pal Pandy Paws. Available at Big W, Kmart, Target and all good toy retailers for RRP $119.99.

One of the great toys kids are set to be demanding.

Craft Activities

Great for independent play, activities can provide hours of fun for young ones. The new Cool Maker PopStyle Tile Bracelet Maker is the easiest bracelet maker, meaning no knots, clasps or cuts. The super-easy pop on bead system allows young fashionistas to create and re-create endless design combinations, with 170 unique beads to choose from including gold chains, striped, emoji’s and more. The Cool Maker PopStyle Tile Bracelet Maker is available from Kmart, Target and all good toy retailers for RRP $42.99.

Mesmerising kids for years, The Kinetic Sand Ultimate Sandisfying Set is the brand new refresh of the original Sandisfying Set. Ideal for kids aged three and up, the new set includes almost 1kg (2lbs) of sand in 3 colours, pink, teal and yellow, plus 10 tools and moulds. Great for entertaining children for hours on end. The Kinetic Sand Ultimate Sandisfying Set is available for RRP $39.99 from Kmart.

Wheels and Action

The raddest skating toy to hit the shelves, the Tech Deck Transforming Sk8 Container is an all-transforming portable skatepark, that transforms from an ordinary shipyard container to the ultimate finger boarding skatepark in three easy steps. Measuring over two feet (60cm) long once folded out, this toy is perfect for tonnes of mini skateboard action. The Tech Deck Transforming Sk8 Container is available from Big W and independent toy retailers for RRP $44.99.

For kids who are keen skateboarders, the new Tech Deck Daewon Song X-Connect Mega Bowl is ideal. Great for independent or group play, this ramp set includes everything needed to build an awesome custom skatepark, players can learn and progress their tricks with different ramp and guard rail combinations. The Daewon Song X-Connect Mega Bowl is available for RRP $44.99 from June at Kmart.

If your preschooler is obsessed with all things PAW Patrol then they’ll be vying for the newest toy in the franchise, the PAW Patrol Whale Patroller. Featuring a real working vehicle launcher, a Chase action figure and Chase’s rescue vehicle, the Whale Patroller is equipped with everything you need for your super-charged rescue missions. Perfect for children aged three and up, PAW Patrol toys allow them to use their imaginations and develop their motor skills through pretend play, as they bring their favourite scenes from the show to life. Available at RRP $74.99 from Big W, Target, Myer, Amazon and all independent toy retailers.

PAW Patrol Whale Patroller.

Board Games and Puzzles

Filled with nostalgia and family fun, Jumanji The Game is a wooden box edition of the legendary board game. The Game Wooden Box Edition takes you and your fellow adventurers on a quest through the jungle, solving riddles and completing challenges while trying to stay alive. The real wood construction makes a dramatic centerpiece for your game collection or coffee table. Available for RRP $39.99 at Target and independent toy retailers.

Jumanji The Game.

Fascinating people around the globe since the ’80s with their popular cube, Rubik’s Race is the new fast-paced sequence board game that is designed to get players’ minds and fingers racing. Shake the scrambler and take your opponent on head-to-head. Shift and slide the tiles to become the first racer to complete the 3×3 center. The Rubik’s Race board game requires skill, speed, and dexterity. Challenge your friends and family to the Rubik’s Race and battle for the pole position. Available at Big W, Target and all good toy retailers for RRP $19.99.

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