Pre-poll proves popular: Locals already having their say at State Election

Labor candidate Karen McKeown handing out how to vote cards. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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A steady stream of people have made their way to the Penrith Paceway pre-poll to cast their votes ahead of this weekend’s NSW Election to help decide who will represent the area and lead the state.

Both sitting MP Stuart Ayres and Labor candidate for Penrith Karen McKeown said they were feeling confident, but the Weekender spoke to some locals to hear their opinions first hand.

After speaking with McKeown, Robert Clarke from Penrith said that he hopes a change occurs on the weekend.

“We need somebody who is honest, and the current government promises they won’t do things when they know very well that they will, like selling assets,” Clarke said.

Liberal candidate Stuart Ayres handing out election material. Photo: Melinda Jane.

“You have to tell it like it is and not be afraid. The government have built their own coffins with all the lies which I am sick of.”

Younger voter April Leighton from Penrith believes there can be improvements and is voting for a party over an individual person.

“I think there could be better assistance in the community from the State Government on issues such as cost of living and housing affordability,” Leighton said.

One Nation volunteers. Photo: Melinda Jane.

“Promises such as accounts for children to buy their own home in the future isn’t really that helpful for everyone who is alive now and I think that we currently need more houses to be accessible for more people.”

Cambridge Park resident Philip Wilkson said that Ayres has his vote, with the new stadium in Penrith a key factor in his decision.

“Penrith needs a decent stadium. The whole community will benefit, and the Paceway had planned to have villas go here which wasn’t divulged and is hypocritical as they say it will be destroying a piece of history,” Wilkinson said.

Stuart Ayres speaking with a voter. Photo: Melinda Jane.

“We need infrastructure, but Labor has been caught short with expenditure. The same applies for the Liberals but it seems Labor’s facts aren’t there when it comes to where money is coming from.”

The State Election will take place on Saturday, March 25.

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