Nicholas Tadros to have foot amputated as long recovery continues

Simon Tadros speaks to Channel Nine.
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The father of a 10-year-old Glenmore Park boy seriously injured in the Sea World helicopter disaster earlier this year has revealed the extent of his injuries and the long recovery journey ahead.

And it’s been confirmed tonight that Nicholas Tadros will have his right foot amputated, doctors losing their battle to save it.

“He broke nearly everything from top to bottom, you know, his arms, his legs, his sternum, his hips, his thighs, his legs, his arms, ribs, lungs collapsing,” Simon Tadros told A Current Affair.

“He even inhaled some of the aviation fuel that caused problems for his lungs as well, his kidneys are still not functioning, so he’s on a dialysis machine.

“The only thing I didn’t think he broke was his right arm but everything else … how he survived is a miracle.”

Simon’s partner and Nicholas’ mother, Vanessa, was killed in the tragedy. Three others also died when the two helicopters collided on the Gold Coast.

Simon revealed to A Current Affair the devastation of breaking the news to his son.

“I said, ‘listen, mummy had to go to Jesus’ and he just looked at me and he goes … ‘oh no, is mum dead?’ I said, ‘yes baby boy, mum passed away’ and he just … turned his head and closed his eyes,” he said.

He is facing significant financial stress, but says he’s put that “to the back of his mind” for now.

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