Healthscope, HCF end stalemate with new agreement

Nepean Private Hospital. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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HCF members attending Nepean Private Hospital will avoid paying additional costs after the health insurer and Healthscope reached a new agreement.

As reported by the Weekender late last year, breakdown of negotiations between the major health insurer and healthcare provider was to mean that some Penrith patients would face higher out-of-pocket expenses from today.

Healthscope runs a network of 41 private hospitals around the country, including Nepean Private Hospital in Kingswood.

HCF’s 1.8 million Australian customers would have still been able to be treated in Healthscope hospitals but would have faced extra costs.

However, a new deal has been formed.

Healthscope CEO Greg Horan said he was pleased the hospital group and HCF have secured an agreement which fairly recognises the cost inflation associated with provision of services to HCF members, and is commercially viable and sustainable for both parties.

“We are delighted to be continuing our long-standing agreement with HCF,” Mr Horan said.

“We acknowledge that the recent negotiation process has created uncertainty for HCF members and patients. I’m pleased this new agreement means HCF members can continue to be treated in our hospitals with no additional out of pocket charges.”

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