Penrith BMX riders finish year in style

Nine-year-old Jobe Degnan shows off his BMX skills.
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It’s been a rocky year for Penrith BMX Club, but it hasn’t stopped riders from wrapping up the racing season in style.

Despite flooding impacting the track at St Marys multiple times, six riders aged nine to 52 have overcome obstacles to represent the club at the AusCycling BMX National Championships in Tasmania.

Joining over 1000 riders at the end of November to compete over six days were Jobe Degnan, Mackenzie Degnan, Erica Goodwin, Danielle Fleming, Luke Goodwin and Geoff Goodwin.

Parent volunteer and club officiate Donna Montgomery attended to cheer on her husband Geoff and her children, Erica and Luke, and said it was a fitting end to a tough year.

“The club has been severely affected by COVID and then the track has been under water three times which meant the riders haven’t been able to train there since March,” Montgomery said.

“It has finally been re-surfaced but the preparation for competition was so disrupted so for the riders to get there was an amazing achievement.”

Three riders came home with Australian Plates, which signified they made it to a final of eight.

Jobe Degnan achieved 3A in 9 Boys 20 inch and 7A in 8-10 Boys Cruiser.
Erica Goodwin achieved 8A in 13 Girls 20 inch and third in 13-13 Girls Cruiser while Danielle Fleming got 8A in 16 Girls 20 inch.

The AusCycling National Championships signal the end of the year for BMX racing and culminates in the tallying of National Cup points.

Seven members from Penrith ranked in the top eight in their divisions with riders from all around the country.

The club is looking forward to resuming normal racing on Friday nights and is welcoming new members.

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