The five best places to grab delicious chicken in Penrith

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From fried chicken to roast chicken, there’s so many varieties of this delicious delight to choose from. We’ve done our best to scour the Penrith LGA for the best chicken options around…

5. Buzzy Bee’s Burger House (Oxford St, Cambridge Park)

The locals have known about Buzzy Bee’s for years, but it’s time the rest of Penrith became more aware of the delicious chicken on offer.

Buzzy Bee’s is a Cambridge Park institution, and they’ve got some of the best fried chicken around.

Forget KFC, try Buzzy Bee’s to sort out your fried chicken cravings.

4. Broaster Chicken (High St, Penrith and Great Western Highway, St Marys)

Broaster has been around for a few years now, and has two outlets in the Penrith LGA.

The fried chicken here is top notch – and being able to choose between original or hot and spicy is a definite plus. The chicken isn’t too oily and tastes delightful.

Service here can be a little slow, but the food more than makes up for it. Definitely should be on your list!

3. Frango (Batt St, Jamisontown)

Frango is Portuguese for chicken and English for bloody delightful. Since arriving in Penrith a couple of years ago, Frango has become exceptionally popular.

We can’t go past the famous Frango Burger here. Especially heading into summer, it’s perfect for that holiday break lunchtime meal.

The chips here are good too – especially when you throw some famous Chilli sauce into the equation.

2. El Jannah (High St, Penrith)

We know, we know… this could have easily been number one. After all, El Jannah does it almost better than anyone.

If you don’t get a half chicken meal and upsize the garlic sauce, did you really even have El Jannah?

These guys not only know their food, but their service and layout is sensational too. You won’t be hungry for long after walking into their High Street store. Plus they have fried chicken now too.

1. Chicken Man (Great Western Highway, Kingswood)

Controversial? We think not. This old school chicken shop may not look like the most inviting eatery around from the outside, but the delights contained within are amazing!

The fried chicken here is first class. Forget anything else you’ve tried, this fried chicken is the President of all fried chickens.

Chips? Sensational, especially with the glorious chicken salt and gravy that is on offer.

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