Kingswood’s Bringelly Road to receive new streetscape improvements

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Council is renewing the heart of Kingswood through the delivery of streetscape improvements to the eastern side of Bringelly Road as part of the NSW Government’s Your High Street program.

Works have now commenced and weather permitting, are due for completion by the end of December 2022.

From the Great Western Highway to the trading area opposite Wainwright Park, the works include widening of the footpath, new seating and bins, new planting and canopy trees, installation of public art, improvements at the station forecourt area and completion of the Pedestrian Lighting Network.

Council received over $925,000 in grant funding for the project through the Your High Street program. The project built on the success of the learnings and temporary trials held as part of the NSW Government’s Places to Love program.

The new works focus on enhancing the village feeling at the core of Kingswood to help build community connection, economic growth and suburb vibrancy.

Penrith Mayor Tricia Hitchen said the Bringelly Road works are a key part of Council’s 10-year Think Bold Kingswood Place Plan which aims to continuously shape the future of the suburb.

“The Bringelly Road works are part of Council’s long-term vision to ensure Kingswood is a safe and welcoming place, and a neighbourhood that supports the wellbeing of a diverse community and a thriving local business sector,” Cr Hitchen said.

In September 2021, Council consulted with more than 130 Kingswood residents and businesses via a co-design workshop to guide the design of the works.

Participants showed strong support for using colour and character to improve Kingswood’s public spaces and streetscape.

The work is being undertaken in stages, starting with the replacement of the existing concrete footpath followed by trenching, the installation of new electrical light poles, landscaping and street furniture.

The project is funded by the NSW Government’s Your High Street grant program which supports councils across NSW to make permanent improvements to the functionality and amenity of their high streets.

“These innovative and creative projects will allow people to dine under the stars and create spaces to relax and connect, which will support local business operators as they bounce back from the pandemic,” Kiersten Fishburn, Deputy Secretary, Cities and Active Transport said.

“We’re reimagining our streets as better places for people, which will drive an increase in foot traffic and bring the community together to enjoy the vibrancy our state has to offer.”

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