Theo’s Rooftop Bar to host Penrith’s first ever runway show

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Local luxury fashion retailer The 5th Dimension is set to hold Penrith’s first ever runway show as part of its 22/23 summer campaign.

To be held on Sunday, October 23, the event focuses on championing high end fashion for western Sydney and celebrating local excellence.

The show will feature an array of iconic and Australian luxury designers: Camilla & Marc, Camilla, Shona Joy, Rebecca Vallance and more.

The show is deliberately set one week out from this year’s Melbourne Cup and fittings and purchases will be available on the day.

The rooftop runway will take place poolside from 2pm-5pm at the stunning Theo’s Rooftop Bar – a fitting and grandiose setting for the brand as models parade their 22/23 Summer Collection around the rooftop.

Family-run and operated, 5th Dimension is pioneering high-end women’s fashion in Penrith.

Stela, Director of 5th Dimension, said: “We’re very excited to showcase some of the most renowned fashion brands in the industry to the people of Penrith. It’s an absolute pleasure to be presenting the show at Theo’s Rooftop Bar, who are continuously changing the landscape of events held in Penrith.”

Beyond the runway, attendees will enjoy a complimentary drink on arrival and an opportunity for fittings after the show, with their $30 ticket fee refunded with any purchase.

Click here for tickets.

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