Snap storm brings heavy rain, hail to Penrith

A front yard in Kingswood covered in hail.
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A snap storm has sparked flash flooding on local streets with heavy rain and hail lashing the Penrith area.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a Severe Weather Alert for Penrith at 4.45pm and the storm hit just minutes later.

Most Penrith Local Government Area suburbs have been smashed by the storm. Kingswood was among the worst hit.

Penrith train station.

Making matters worse, it hit just before 5pm when people were on the road heading home from work.

One Twitter user posted: “Just got caught in the longest, most intense hail storm I’ve ever experienced driving from Mulgoa to Penrith. Tried to shelter under a few trees but no luck. Aquaplaned twice on ice. After 35 mins made it to Glenmore/shelter but expecting my new car to look like a golf ball.”

Penrith train station was smashed with hail with commuters taking cover when the storm hit.

At this stage no power outages have been reported.

Rain is continuing in the area with the storm expected to pass soon.

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