In The Spotlight: Mamre Anglican College

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If you’re after a successful career in football, Mamre Anglican School is proving the place to be, producing not one, not two, but three international football players in recent months.

Year 12 student Alexis Tan, Year 11 student Mary Stanic-Floody and Year 10 student Ella Abdul Massih recently returned from a football tournament in Indonesia where they represented the Philippines and Junior Matildas respectively.

While Australia took out the AFF U18 Women’s Championship in style and undefeated, it was an experience none of the girls will forget anytime soon.

“It was amazing because you work so hard every day to experience playing for your country, so doing it at such a young age was an incredible honour,” 16-year-old Junior Matilda, Mary said.

Putting this trio on the path to football success is Mamre Anglican School, whose football program is a major drawcard for both male and female students.

Their cutting edge co-curricular, academy style football program aims to develop players’ technical and tactical skills, knowledge and understanding of the game.

Their football program is currently headed by Mamre’s long-time Head of Football Julie Kennedy and well-known A-League women’s coaches Catherine Cannuli and Tiana Gauci.

Alexis, Mary and Ella all decided to enrol at Mamre due to their impressive football program and state-of-the-art sporting facilities.

“I came to the school in Year 9 and the biggest attraction was the football program here. We are led by Tiana Gauci, who was the Perth Glory coach and Catherine Cannuli, who was the recent Western Sydney Wanderers coach. Both are my two biggest idols that I’ve had. They are such good coaches and produced many high-quality players,” 18-year-old Philippines international, Alexis said.

“The training and facilities here are amazing. You train three times a week and improve every day,” Mary added.

But while sport is an important fixture in these students’ lives, education comes first and Mamre Anglican School is the best place to nurture them through busy and, at times, stressful schedules.

The ladies say Mamre has been instrumental in looking after their needs on and off the pitch.

“The school supports me academically as well as in football. If I have an assessment that I’m a bit behind in because I’m overseas for example, they give me extra time to catch up and it helps me to stay calm and less stressed,” 16-year-old Junior Matilda, Ella said.

“Knowing the school backs me has made this whole experience so much better – they are my biggest supporter,” Alexis added.

Success in the Mamre Anglican School Football Program is not only within the girls program, many of their male students have also graduated as successful students and moved into professional footballing careers, including most recently Stevean Stanic-Floody signing for Irish team Drogheda United FC, Phillip Gigliotti playing in Cypress and several others.

Mamre is spoiled for coaching experience with the boys program having coaching brilliance such as Nicky Carle, Sergio Malfara, Adrian Valenti, Simon Nicholas and other highly experienced coaches.

Head of Football Julie Kennedy said: “The most important thing I have to ensure when I seek coaching staff for our students is that they are as passionate about teaching football as they are about helping the teaching staff shape and mould outstanding young adults. The team I have coaching in our program now are such a perfect balance of that and I couldn’t be happier to work with them.”

For more information on Mamre Anglican School and their incredible football programs, visit online or call 9834 1881.

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