Mould control products “selling like hotcakes” as locals tackle pesky but serious issue

Dean Douglas and the Sydney Solvents team. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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After months of wet and humid weather, many locals have found themselves dealing with mould both in and outside their homes.

While mould is natural, experts warn that it may become more common and can cause ongoing health issues if not treated correctly.

Owner of Wellness Advice Now, Vashti D’Vyne, is a naturopath, nutritionist and Buteyko breathing instructor. She has been seeing many clients in the Penrith area who have reported being impacted by mould.

“I see individuals that have allergies or respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis, but with the histamine complex and immune issues being triggered by mould more people are presenting in clinic,” she said.

Mould exposure can cause sinus infections, skin rashes and even brain fog, so preventing moisture build up is vital.

“Checking behind furniture or in pillowcases for any signs is recommended as well as using a dehumidifier or moisture absorbers you can buy from Bunnings in closets or drawers,” she said.

“Opening windows to let air and sunshine in is good, drying clothes outside rather than using a dryer inside and even using a squeegee to dry down the shower recess means less moisture.”

If mould is found it needs to be treated quickly with a mixture of four parts vinegar to one part water, as recommended by NSW Health.

“If water has leaked in the house it needs to be dried within the first 48 hours, so hiring industrial fans can be helpful,” Ms D’Vyne said.

“Bleach does not always kill spores whereas vinegar creates an environment where mould isn’t comfortable anymore and you can also add essential oils, such as clove and tea tree.”

Manager of Sydney Solvents, Dean Douglas, said the business, based in Jamisontown, has had an increase in sales for its mould cleaning products.

“It is normal to get mould every year but with the current weather conditions our Lazy Man’s Mould Control is selling like hot cakes,” he said.

“You dilute it down and spray it on surfaces that have mould and within a few weeks it will go and will last a few months depending on the weather.”

Mr Douglas said the bleach-free product is safe yet effective to use outdoors.

“When mould grows on paths it can become quite slippery, which is dangerous, and when it is on exterior parts of homes it doesn’t look nice. Most people tend to use vinegar inside but outside our product is great to spray and it will get down deep into concrete or sandstone to control mould, mildew and algae,” he said.

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