At The Movies: The Batman

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Verdict: 5/5

With a moody soundtrack, subtle reveals and a strong storyline, ‘The Batman’ will be hard to beat as one of the best cinema experiences of 2022.

At nearly three hours in length, the twists and turns of the detective mystery-like storyline ensure things never drag, as we follow Batman’s efforts to track down the Riddler – who is on a vicious killing spree, taking out high profile candidates as the criminal underbelly of Gotham and its politics is exposed.

‘The Batman’ is far from your classic superhero movie – in fact apart from the fact there’s a guy in a cape running around trying to save the city, it has very few of the elements that usually attach to such movies.
But that’s part of what makes ‘The Batman’ so good.

It never tries to be something it’s not, it always remains true to its intent and despite the temptations to go overboard, always stays subtle.

Talking of subtle, that’s how Robert Pattinson plays our hero. Despite the criticism that preceded the film’s opening, he delivers a first class performance – resisting the temptation to overdo things in an effort to prove himself to those who doubted his worthiness for the role.

This is a refreshing take on a tried and true story. It’s weird at times, but that’s what makes it utterly awesome.

See The Batman at Hoyts Penrith.

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