How good was The Black Stump?

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How good was The Black Stump restaurant?

Sure, it wouldn’t suit today’s modern restaurant world, full of ‘fusion’, oversized burgers and cuisine varieties, but for it’s time, the Stump was special.

Steak with Diane sauce. Jacket potato. A red fire engine for the kids and something a little harder for mum and dad.

What about the bacon wrapped prawns?

The Black Stump had locations right across Sydney. Its Penrith restaurant was located as part of the Nepean Village shopping complex on Station Street, where El Gringos Locos currently stands.

Promotional material for the Black Stump in the 1990s read: “Black Stump Restaurants cater for the whole family, providing quality service, great steak dishes and fine wine”.

In the mid 2000s, numerous attempts were made to revive the iconic chain, but ultimately the Black Stump dream disappeared.

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