Surviving lockdown in Sydney

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As Sydney welcomes in week eight, or is it nine of stay-at-home orders, it’s natural that people are going stir crazy. Having talked to many business owners about how they are surviving, and perhaps even thriving through lockdown, here are their top five tips.

1. Accept that we are in lockdown. The biggest cause of stress is wishing that things were different but knowing that they aren’t. This is true whether we are in lockdown or not, or in business or life.

2. Lean into support. Whether it’s emotional, physical, financial or any other kind of support. People often feel uncomfortable asking for help. Now is the time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and embrace the help that is available to you.

3. Connect with others. For me, I have been attending a lot of online networking events through Bx networking. My theory is that If I am not delivering training, I am connecting with others and building my business. It’s also a fun way to connect with likeminded people. You can find out more about networking at Home – Bx – Business Networking Reimagined. 

4. Do your back-end work. As business owners there is always something to do. People talk about working on your business versus in your business. When in lockdown, do either! When we are delivering our services, or selling our goods, often marketing, admin and future planning gets neglected. Lockdown is a great time to focus on this and get ahead.

5. Use the time to train your teams. If you are keeping on staff, but there is a shortage of work, use the time to upskill and train them, ready for when trading opens again. This could be job specific training, soft skills training, or anything else you think the team could benefit from. Of course, let me know if I can support you in this area. Visit

By following the top five tips from some of the most successful business owners, you can not only survive but thrive in lockdown by keeping positive, growing your business and getting ahead of the game.

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