Elite clubs get their way with Penrith Emus set to be axed from Shute Shield again

The Penrith Emus celebrate a win earlier this season.
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It appears the Penrith Emus have played their last match in the Shute Shield.

It’s understood the Emus have again been tossed out of the competition in a huge slap in the face to rugby union in greater western Sydney.

The Sydney Rugby Union (SRU) is expected to confirm over the next few days that the rest of the 2021 Shute Shield season will be abandoned, meaning the Emus have played their final game.

It’s understood the Western Sydney Two Blues, based on Parramatta, will survive the axe.

A furious Penrith Emus President Gary McColl said the decision to axe the club just three years after their return was perplexing.

“I have no idea why they invited us in, in order throw us out,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“All it has done is cause angst, pain and suffering.

“Parramatta were invited to give a presentation to the SRU board, Newcastle were invited to give a presentation to the SRU board. But Penrith’s invitation obviously went astray in the mail.

“We were totally blindsided.”

No winner will be declared for the 2021 Shute Shield season, for the first time in early 100 years.

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