Mexican stand-off: Dangerous Llandilo intersection an accident waiting to happen

Councillor John Thain says a roundabout should be installed at a confusing Llandilo intersection. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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A dangerous Llandilo intersection will receive an upgrade, but it’s not the roundabout one Councillor was hoping for.

North Ward Councillor John Thain raised the issue of the juncture at Third and Eighth avenues during Council’s last meeting, telling Mayor Karen McKeown it was a “very, very confusing cross roads”.

“It’s something Councillor [Kevin] Crameri has raised on quite a few occasions, I’ve raised it myself and I have been driving there myself the last few weeks,” he said.

“There are three stop signs with one with the right of way.

“What happens is that the other three stop and have no idea what to do after that.”

He said a Mexican stand-off often ensues.

“You’ll often see two cars try to take off at the same time because they’re not sure who has right of way, and I think it’s an accident that’s waiting to happen,” he said.

“I think it’s appropriate that there is a roundabout there, I think people know how to use roundabouts, but when you have three stop signs, it just confuses everyone and I think it’s absolutely quite dangerous.”

Council’s traffic engineers have previously investigated the potential of providing a roundabout at the intersection, a Council spokesman said.

“As this intersection must accommodate 19-metre semi-trailers, significant pavement widening works are required and a sufficient Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) could not be achieved given the necessary land acquisition and major utility relocation,” he said.

“The intersection of Third Avenue and Eighth Avenue, Llandilo has been listed for the construction of Median Island Stop Treatments (MIST) to enforce the intersection priority, improve movement discipline, and improve road safety and has been prioritised for delivery in the current financial year (pending design completion).”

On Tuesday, Cr Thain questioned why it would be a semi-trailer route and said the new design should be revisited within three to six months.

Meanwhile, Ninth Avenue, Llandilo has been prioritised in the current funding year for a series of four speed humps as a result of the urbanisation of the southern side of the road and increases in speeds.

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