Sharing her story: Local mum releases book about her IVF journey

Jodi Maher has published a book about her IVF journey. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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Glenmore Park mother Jodi Maher has shared her story in her new book An IVF Miracle From Mahers, to shine a ray of light on people trying to become parents.

Undertaking IVF for over three years from 2007, Ms Maher wrote her book in 2015 but finally got the courage to recently publish it.

“My experience is my journey of undertaking 11 rounds of IVF to become a mother to my son, and then I have included four short stories where I interviewed women about their experiences with pregnancy, infant loss, reflection and new beginnings,” Ms Maher said.

“The message of the book is about connecting and inspiring people who have struggled or may struggle to create and hold their baby.”

Well received in both Australia and overseas, Ms Maher said she hopes people on their own journey may find some comfort from her words.

“We are not alone in this, even though we may feel like we are as it can feel very isolating and I am one of many people trying different ways to connect people,” she said.

“I just wanted to create something physical that people can hold in their hands and get some comfort and lean on for a while.”

To grab a copy of the book, visit

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