What can we learn from Keating?

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Visionary, reformer and rabble rouser Paul Keating is embodied by one of Australia’s most beloved actors, Jonathan Biggins, in ‘The Gospel According to Paul’.

Intelligent and witty, ‘The Gospel According to Paul’ portrays Keating as a man who single-handedly shaped contemporary Australia during his time as Prime Minister from 1991 to 1996.

Like so much of Australia, Jonathan Biggins has long been fascinated by Keating and what his legacy means to us as a nation. With the rich rhetoric and gigantic ego of Keating, ‘The Gospel According to Paul’ focuses on all the biographical milestones that can be fit into the 90-minute show.

Focusing on Keating’s political achievements and personal obsessions, it shows his beginnings in the Labor Party and how he went on to focus largely on economics and Indigenous rights.

Biggins leaves us begging the question – what can we learn from Keating and the time he led this country to apply to our politics today?

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