Podcast: Shannon Boyd’s leap of faith

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Shannon Boyd is a local designer and illustrator, who has transformed his passion for art into an occupation.

Growing up in South Penrith, art was intertwined into his childhood, mixed with a love for sport and adventure.

Eager to learn from the best in the industry – and applying his skills through tertiary studies – Shannon has been patient in his work and continues to hone his craft in every project.

“(I’ve kept) plying my trade, working on the technical things and getting the opportunity with clients to try something different and just get better with different mediums,” Shannon said.

“Things have to happen organically. If you place a constraint on a goal, you are putting pressure on yourself… you are going to rush things and you are going to overthink it.”

After five years in the education system, Shannon took a leap of faith, leaving his job as a teacher to pursue a career as an artist. With a few doors opening locally, Shannon was able to make the shift. Whilst it has been an adjustment, he has been able to reflect and pass on key learnings to others.

Shannon Boyd is the latest guest on our Passion & Perspective podcast. Search Western Weekender wherever you listen to podcasts, or stream/download below.

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