Caddens residents say lives at risk if Cadda Ridge Drive speeding issues aren’t addressed

Residents are concerned about speeding vehicles on Cadda Ridge Drive. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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Caddens residents have been calling for solutions to stop speeding drivers on Cadda Ridge Drive for over a year with no resolution in sight.

A resident that lives on the main thoroughfare, Jatinder Kaur, said speeding vehicles in the 50km/h area has continued to be an issue.

“It was never a good idea to close Caddens Road and make Cadda Ridge Drive a main road in 2019 because people think it is a racetrack instead of a residential area street and go way over,” she said.

“Cars also overtake while speeding and put others in danger to the point of causing accidents, and last month a car even rolled onto its side.”

Councillor Tricia Hitchen, who raised the matter with Council last year, said she is still working to find the best option.

“I have been chasing the most recent data, as the last counts were in March and April of 2020, and showed an average of 3000 cars a day on Cadda Ridge Drive,” she said.

“Council had responded saying that the percentiles recorded that were above the speed limit were not significantly high enough to meet the targets for this type of road to apply for traffic calming devices.”

With locals disagreeing with the response, Cr Hitchen said she will be continuing to investigate the matter.

“I have asked for the VMS Speed Trailer to return so as to compare the speeds and volumes in the 12-month period as I’m sure the volumes have increased,” she said.

“I’d like to meet with the residents again and see if there are any measures, other than speed humps, that may assist to make this a safer road.”

Fellow Caddens resident Rinkal Patel said the speed monitoring needs to happen again.

“They need to measure again especially during peak times because there have been incidents on a regular basis due to vehicles going on the downward slope sometimes exceeding 80 or 90km/h,” he said.

“There has been some police presence, but Council needs to work with them to come up with a permanent fix to this problem for the safety of the community.”

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