At The Movies: The Marksman

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Rating: 1.5/10

It’s that time of year – time for your annual dose of Liam Neeson playing a simple guy with a big problem.

This time around it’s ‘The Marksman’ and yet again, Neeson finds himself in a conundrum as ranch owner Jim Hanson.

Struggling for cash and still dealing with the passing of his wife, Hanson and his trusty dog Jackson do their best to patrol the ranch, which just happens to sit on the Mexican border with a drug cartel gazing in.

When a mother and young boy, Miguel (Jacob Perez) cross the border on the run from the cartel, Hanson agrees to the mum’s dying wish of helping Miguel reach his family half-way across the United States.

What follows? You guessed it – Jim and Miguel must reach Chicago with the cartel following just behind, with his useful skills as a skilled marksman almost certain to come into play.

There’s not many surprises on this journey – everything from the storyline to the characters and the ultimate conclusion is cookie cutter, stereotypical stuff.

While some gun-toting American pride may help win some fans in the States, there’s not all that much to love here.

It’s entertaining enough to not be horrible, but that’s about it.

See The Marksman at Hoyts Penrith.

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