Powering to new records

Powerlifter Evan McCloy can’t wait to compete this weekend. Photo: Megan Dunn.
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Some of the most powerful lifters in the state will descend on a Jamisontown gym this weekend for a special qualifying event.

Over 50 male and female powerlifters from around Sydney are expected to compete in the Australian Powerlifting Union NSW State Qualifier, which will be held at Limitless Lifting gym this Sunday, January 31.

Each powerlifter’s aim on the day will be to outlift their fellow competitors and qualify themselves for the 2021 Australian Powerlifting Union NSW State Championships in April.

Not only will competitors do everything in their power to reach the upcoming State Championships, but they’re also expected to break long-standing national records along the way.

Powerlifting consists of three main lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift. Each athlete will get three attempts of each lift. The athlete’s best squat, bench press and deadlift is recorded and tallied up for a grand score. The athlete with the highest total score from all three lifts will qualify.

Local powerlifter Evan McCloy is just one athlete eager to show off his incredible talent and win his way to the next round.

“Due to injuries, I’ll be the only local competitor representing Limitless Lifting on the day,” he told the Weekender.

“I am hoping to successfully complete a 300kg squat, a 260kg deadlift and a 250kg bench press, with the latter being a new Australian record.”

People from all walks of life are set to take part in the Qualifier, with teenagers as young as 14 and powerlifters as old as 70 allowed to compete.

Unfortunately, due to restricted venue numbers, spectators have been asked to stay at home and watch the livestream.

“Due to COVID restrictions, we can’t have spectators cheering us on this time around. Instead, we’ll be posting a livestream on YouTube as well as the Limitless Lifting Facebook page, so people can still see us in action,” McCloy said.

“Every lifter needs to qualify for the State Championships and the best lifters from each state will then advance to Nationals.

“Because Nationals didn’t go ahead last year, we’ve got a whole bunch of people fighting for a place in the State Championships – that’s why this Sunday’s qualifying event will be huge because everyone is desperate to come out on top.”

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