Membership pledge winner on deck for Panthers’ premiership run

Steve Guyatt, Michael Jones and Greg Alexander. Photo: Megan Dunn.
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If Penrith go all the way next month, long-time Panthers fan Steve Guyatt now has the perfect place to host a Grand Final party after he won a $20,000 outdoor renovation for pledging his membership.

The Colyton resident, along with his wife Debbie, recently received a tailored makeover of their backyard thanks to the generous support of Panthers corporate partner MKJ Projects.

Last Friday, Panthers legend Greg Alexander along with several club officials and the team at MKJ Projects were on hand in Mr Guyatt’s backyard to mark the completion of the incredible makeover.

Speaking with the Weekender, Mr Guyatt said he initially pledged his membership to show love for his team during a difficult time.

“My wife Debbie and I have been Panthers members continuously since 1980 – we haven’t missed a season,” he said.

“We didn’t pledge our memberships to go into the draw to win this amazing prize, we would have done it regardless.”

Greg Alexander makes a special presentation to Steve Guyatt. Photo: Megan Dunn.

Taking around five weeks to complete, the Guyatts now have an impressive deck for entertaining along with a new fence, artificial turf and a spruced up pool area.

With their own money, the couple also purchased a brand-new shed and some slick outdoor furniture for their friends and family to utilise over summer.

Michael Jones from MKJ Projects said he decided to donate the $20,000 Ultimate Outdoor Reno following a harrowing few months for the club on the back of the Coronavirus crisis.

“I’ve been a Penrith fan forever and when I heard about what was going on with the loss of money through sponsorships and season tickets, I just felt an obligation to help the club,” he said.

Steve Guyatt is thrilled with his new deck. Photo: Megan Dunn.

“A fan gives back their season ticket, a business gives back their time – and that’s what we did.”

Mr Guyatt is Panthers personified, having been involved with the club and the local junior league for decades. In fact, his father was Penrith’s first premiership-winning Harold Matthews coach when none other than Greg Alexander was on the roster as a teenager.

For Alexander to be in Mr Guyatt’s backyard for the unveiling last week was a very special moment for the footy tragic.

“We’ve been here in Colyton for just over 20 years,” Mr Guyatt said.

“We’ve done some renos inside and outside over the years, but nothing like this.”

Thousands of fans pledged their membership earlier this year to help the club’s fight for survival.

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