Person with Coronavirus attended Penrith gym

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A woman later diagnosed with COVID-19 attended a Penrith gym on Saturday, sparking a warning for others to be on the lookout for symptoms.

The Weekender understands the woman attended the Fernwood gym on Saturday, August 8 between 7.55am and 9am.

It’s understood the member had very limited contact with other members and was not attending a group class.

The Weekender has confirmed the woman did not attend the gym while feeling unwell and received her positive test on Monday night.

Other members who attended on the day are deemed as casual contacts and therefore there is no need to get tested or self-isolate.

However, anyone who was at the gym at the time and develops symptoms is urged to get tested.

Fernwood has also confirmed it will close the Penrith gym for 24 hours as an additional precaution. It will be deep cleaned during this period.

NSW Health has been contacted for comment.

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