Podcast: Climbing provides balance in life and career for Josh

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Josh Mackenzie was born and raised in the Blue Mountains and immersed himself into sport and the great outdoors from a young age.

In an ironic turn, Josh uncovered rock climbing when he moved out of the Blue Mountains nearly a decade ago, starting his new hobby at a local climbing gym.

Before too long, he was exploring world-famous climbs locally and overseas.

Josh has embraced travel and unconventional adventure, continuing to discover different cultures, cycling through Europe and exploring more climbing spots around the world. The full immersion of climbing, and outdoor adventure in general, is what has drawn Josh’s interest.

“It (the fear and risk) helps you get into a state of hyper-focus. You are entirely focused on that next move,” Josh said.

“You are not focusing on anything more than you are doing at that exact time. It is a moving meditation.”

A qualified electrician, Josh has balanced his full-time work as a machinery engineer with his love for climbing and has found the key to that lifestyle in prioritisation.

“As far as trying to find a balance of all of these things, it’s just about prioritising,” Josh said.

“If you’re getting stuck at work for 12 hours a day, it’s going to be really hard to squeeze anything else in. Just prioritise what you need to do for yourself, whatever you need for your mental health and your physical health.”

Find out more by listening to the latest episode of the Passion & Perspective podcast.

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