Family pushes for inquest into Glenmore Park man’s shock death in 2018

Laura Wainwright, Lindsey’s grandson Hudson and Vanessa Wainwright. Photo: Megan Dunn.
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It’s been two years since Vanessa Wainwright’s partner tragically passed away but as the mystery around his passing remains, she is now calling for a public inquest into his cause of death.

In May 2018 Glenmore Park local Lindsey Day was a healthy 39-year-old man who received FluQuadri and Boostrix vaccines in preparation for the birth of his step-daughter’s child.

Just 44 hours later he suffered a grand mal seizure, stopped breathing, went into ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest, and never regained consciousness.

Since then his family has scrambled for answers, unsatisfied with the investigations that followed his death.

“At Nepean Hospital the doctors performed multiple investigations including a coronary angiogram showing near normal coronary arteries with no major disease, and an echocardiogram was also performed showing no major pathology,” Ms Wainwright said.

“A CT brain scan stated ‘diffuse cerebral oedema’ four to five hours post seizure and stated it to be a catastrophic brain injury.”

Ms Wainwright said Mr Day’s treating doctors could not identify a cause of death so an autopsy was required to be conducted.

The autopsy found that Mr Day died from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

While this can sometimes develop without cause, it can also be a result of acute interstitial pneumonia.

Some medical journals suggest this can also be a rare complication of the flu vaccine.

Ms Wainwright said the New South Wales Coronor has decided to change the cause of death to coronary artery disease even though there is no evidence he suffered a heart attack.

“To date the Department of Health are dismissing the fact that this all occurred 44 hours post vaccinations and want to change the original cause of death on the autopsy report from acute respiratory distress syndrome to coronary artery disease,” Ms Wainwright said.

Now, Ms Wainwright is calling on the community for support as she seeks to fund a public inquest into his cause of death and the role the vaccinations may have played.

“At this stage it is an open case, if it does proceed to an inquest I will be looking at close to $80,000 in legal and counsel fees, this is why I have launched a campaign to try and raise funds,” she said.

“He deserves to have the correct cause of death recorded, I am his voice now.”

The Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District declined to comment on the matter as it is before the coroner.

To help fund the inquest, head online and visit

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