Man charged after stealing money from man at bank in St Marys

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A man has been charged after attempting to steal money from a person at a bank.

About 12.30pm on Tuesday, January 28 a 58-year-old man was waiting in a queue at a bank on Queen Street, St Marys when he took out a considerable sum of money from his wallet to make a deposit.

It is alleged that a 41-year-old Kingswood man who was also in the bank at the same time walked past the man, snatching the cash and running outside.

The 58-year old’s nephew, who was seated inside the bank, saw what happened and gave chase.

During the chase, the 41-year-old threatened to stab the nephew.

The offender entered a nearby taxi but was spotted by an off-duty police officer, who blocked the taxi from being able to leave.

The 41-year-old was arrested and the money was returned to its owner, however $1300 was still missing.

The offender was searched but the missing cash could not be located.

He was conveyed to Penrith Police Station where he was charged with ‘larceny’ as well as ‘stalk and intimidate with intent to cause fear or physical harm’.

He is set to appear at Penrith Local Court on Thursday, February 6.

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