Double demerits in force this long weekend

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Local motorists are being advised that double demerits will be in force this long weekend as part of Operation Safe Return.

As Australia Day festivities commence around the region, officers from Nepean Police Area Command are warning risky driving behaviour will not be tolerated.

Detective Inspector Jason Pietruszka said tragedy can strike at any time as a result of negligent driving.

“Police at Nepean and in conjunction with our Traffic and Highway Patrol section, will be out on the roads and doing everything we can to ensure people are driving in an appropriate manner,” he said.

“It is important that people abide by these laws because the cost when they don’t can be devastating and long lasting.

“People can lose their jobs, their freedom and ultimately, their life or the life of another when they break road rules.”

Roadside Breath Tests will be present over the weekend.

“As the holiday period comes to a close, we want all road users to be safe. Drive to the conditions and drive to the law,” Detective Inspector Pietruszka said.

Police will also be targeting disruptive or violent behaviour in local licensed venues.

“We encourage all people to enjoy themselves over the long weekend but respect those around them,” Detective Inspector Pietruszka said.

“If you are out and about at one of the many licensed venues, have fun but if you are asked to leave the venue for any reason please do so, it can be a costly exercise for you and others if you don’t.”

Detective Inspector Pietruszka said police are continually called to venues when people refuse to leave.

This is generally due to high levels of intoxication, leading to argumentative behaviour, disrupting other patrons in the venue.

Those who fail to quit licensed premises when required will be issued a considerable fine or a court date.

Double demerits will commence from midnight on Friday, January 24 through to and including Monday, January 27.

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