Police called in after drugs discovered following house fire

The home on Stafford Street. Photo: Megan Dunn
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It’s understood a Stafford Street house that went up in flames this morning may have contained a hydroponic set-up.

About 7am fire fighters were called to the Penrith home, with reports of a large fire.

On arrival, crews were confronted with a huge column of smoke coming out of the reported address.

Duty commander for Fire and Rescue NSW, Inspector Kernin Lambert said initial responders called for backup immediately.

“We knew that it was a fairly significant fire and increased our response to six fire trucks,” he said.

“The house well alight and the fire starting to go through the roof, we then increased our response to an additional two trucks.”

Photo: Megan Dunn

Fire fighters who were in breathing apparatus, forced their way into the home and began their attempts to extinguish the blaze.

At that point the fire intensity caused the roof to collapse.

Fire fighters withdrew from the building and began attacking it externally.

“Our major concern at that point was protecting the houses either side,” Inspector Lambert said.

“We set up an aerial appliance from the front street and attacked the fire from above.”

Attacking the fire from the front, rear, sides and above, it was eventually brought under control after 30 minutes.

Photo: Megan Dunn

After two hours the fire was fully extinguished.

The home has sustained significant structural damage including a collapsed roof and sections of the flooring.

No residents were inside at the time.

It has been reported that when crews initially attempted to cut off the electricity it was discovered that the home had an external supply.

Hazmat crews have now conducted an assessment of the building before handing the scene over to Nepean Police Area Command for further investigation.

The Weekender understands cannabis plants up to two metres tall were located inside the premises.

Investigations are continuing.

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