Friday Five: Pizza

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We love our pizza here at the Weekender, and after some tough debate we’ve come up with the top five pizza options in the Penrith LGA…

5. Naked Flame (Smith St, Penrith)

After a couple of false starts, Naked Flame has finally found the right mix of menu choice.

Naked Flame believes the dough should be the star of your pizza, so don’t expect pizzas loaded with toppings.

There’s also no chicken pizzas and plenty of vegetarian options, with Naked Flame opting for a very authentic feel.

Start with a garlic pizza and then dive into one of the awesome options across the tantalising menu.

4. The Pizza Stop (Great Western Highway, Kingswood)

It might look like just another pizza store in a row of shops, but The Pizza Stop has been smashing out delicious pizzas for several years now and never fails to impress.

If you’re a meat fan, you won’t be disappointed here. Stop by and grab a Kebab Lovers pizza or try the Hot & Spicy Beef pizza if you’re feeling adventurous.

The pizzas are quite reasonably priced and you can also grab pizza by the slice if you call in.

3. Little Nero’s (Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa)

The locals have been talking about Little Nero’s for years – this restaurant delivers delicious melt-in-your-mouth pizzas and pastas, and right up there with some of the best you’ll find.

There’s all the traditional pizzas you’d expect to find in a suburban pizza shop, but you can also dive into the Tex Mex (think tacos… but on a pizza) or the Thai Chicken which is a definite winner.

Little Nero’s may be a little far out for many in the general Penrith area, but it’s worth the drive.

2. Certified Pizza Bar (Henry St, Penrith)

Since launching a few years ago in a growing food hub along Henry Street, Certified Pizza Bar has become a favourite for many Penrith locals.

It has some amazing special sauces and the pizza here always tastes fresh and delicious.

Chicken lovers will adore the Swagman or the Mazepa, while meat lovers will find a whole range of great menu items. There’s also plenty of delicious vegetarian options too.

1. Product of Italy (Henry Street, Penrith)

Authentic, delicious and top of the list in Penrith for us!

Product of Italy doesn’t need to pile on the toppings – the dough and delicious sauce is enough to tantalise your tastebuds – but there’s also a range of great flavours and toppings to choose from if you so desire.

Aiming to take authentic Italian cuisine to a new level, Product of Italy is awesome as a takeaway option but also has a full service restaurant perfect for family celebrations.

Oh, and the garlic bread…. we’d go there for that alone!

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