No sign of Jordan Springs fields re-opening

Londonderry MP Prue Car. Photo: Megan Dunn
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Jordan Springs residents are being deprived of yet another amenity they were promised, says Londondery MP Prue Car.

The grass field, which sits on the corner of Greenwood Parkway & Discovery Way has been cordoned off for some time, after Lendlease became aware of an issue with the surface that deemed it not fit for use.

Ms Car is calling on Lendlease and Penrith Council to ensure it is remediated before the new season of sport.

“Nepean Football Association want to use it for their all-abilities team, for it to be their home training ground and there would be so many other uses for it because Jordan Springs is desperate for more play space for sports,” she said.

“We know that children benefit in so many ways from playing team sports, we know that we face childhood obesity issues and ways of combating that is getting kids out, on the grass, playing sport.

“Here we are again talking about how residents and families in new suburbs have to fight to get basic amenities, it’s not unreasonable to expect what you are promised when you buy into these areas.”

Ms Car said she was told that the surface was contaminated with materials after the incorrect soil was used.

Lendlease did not confirm the exact reason why they’ve deemed the surface unfit for use.

Ms Car has met with both Council and Lendlease on a few occasions and said this topic is constantly being brought up.

“I’m not seeing any movement on it so I’m calling on Council and Lendlease to get together to fix this for the new season of sport next year,” she said.

A Lendlease spokesperson said they fenced off the area as soon as they became aware of the issue last year.

“An expert assessment is underway to determine the appropriate remediation strategy,” the spokesperson said.

“The sporting fields are an important part of our community and it is our intention to repair the surface of the oval as soon as possible.”

The spokesperson said they understand the frustration of local sporting teams and apologise for the inconvenience.

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