Local Dad faces fight of his life after devastating cancer diagnosis

Patrick and Renee Tapper with daughters Zoe, Gracie and Emily.
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This time last year 39-year-old Patrick Tapper was a seemingly healthy truck driver with a loving family and a bright future ahead of him.

But all of that was destroyed when a doctor revealed he had stage four brain cancer and wouldn’t survive.

The husband and father of three from Jordan Springs noticed slight changes to his health and decided to visit a doctor, which led to the devastating diagnosis.

His wife, Renee, took him to the hospital after the right side of his face started to droop, he had issues with his balance and problems with his speech.

“They first thought I’d had a stroke then scans on my brain found a large lesion. A biopsy was done, and one week later the day came where we got the results we had been dreading,” Mr Tapper said.

“I was told I had grade four brain cancer and my life expectancy had been cut to what could be as little as three months as my tumour is very aggressive.”

Mr Tapper told the Weekender that it felt like his whole life had fallen apart, but he is undergoing treatment to help gain more time with his family.

“I don’t think it has sunk in for any of us, my girls will be growing up without their Dad. We take each day as it comes, some are harder than others,” Mr Tapper said.

“My tumour is inoperable, so I have already had one round of chemotherapy and am currently in the middle of radiation to keep me comfortable and hopefully slow the growth of the tumour down to extend my time here.”

The family is coping as best as they can and are pushing for others to make sure they make their health a priority.

“I really want to stress that getting health checks is extremely important, for me I had no symptoms until it was too late,” Mr Tapper said.

“Regular health checks could save a life; I am now facing the biggest fight for mine.”

A GoFundMe has been set up by family and friends as Mr Tapper has lost all mobility on one side of his body and is in a wheelchair no longer able to work. His wife has had to stop work to care for him while dealing with a mortgage, living and medical expenses on no income.

To donate, visit www.gofundme.com/f/pats-fight.

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