Thief’s getaway thwarted by locked car

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A not-so-stealthy thief has been charged after she was caught stealing from a Jamisontown shopping centre but accidentally locked her keys inside her car when she was attempting to escape.

At 4.50pm on Monday, July 15 the 37-year-old Ermington woman attended the centre where she stole a set of speakers from a retailer.

Attending a second store, she again attempted to steal a set of speakers but was caught in the act by staff.

After discussions, she returned the items before fleeing to her motor vehicle.

Once she was finished loading other stolen goods into the boot of the car, she realised she had locked her keys inside and escaped on foot.

Police were notified and attended the scene where she was later located upon her return.

A search of the vehicle was conducted with further stolen property located.

She was arrested and charged with ‘goods in custody suspected of being stolen’ and two counts of ‘larceny’.

She was refused bail to appear at Penrith Local Court today.

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