Airport construction hits major milestone

The airport construction site.
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Construction of Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport has reached a major milestone, having moved a mammoth one million cubic metres of earth on site.

Western Sydney Airport Chief Executive Officer Graham Millett said great progress is being made on this once-in-a-generation project since work commenced in September, but there’s still plenty more to be done.

“We are one million cubic metres of earth down, meaning we still have a whopping 21 million to go,” Mr Millett said.

“That’s enough earth to fill 8,800 Olympic Swimming pools.

“Levelling the hilly 1,780-hectare site is one of the biggest earthmoving projects in Australian history. The difference between the highest and lowest points is equivalent to a 12-storey building.”

The earth being moved will largely remain on site, with the amount needed to fill the valleys roughly equal to what will be taken off the hills. This means fewer trucks on the road by removing the need to import or export material.

Mr Millett said Western Sydney International will help transform Western Sydney, creating thousands of jobs during construction and even more when the Airport opens.

“As someone who grew up in western Sydney, this project is close to my heart and I’m proud to be on the team delivering an Airport that will create so many opportunities for locals,” he said.

Western Sydney International is on track to open for international and domestic passenger flights in 2026.

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